A large part of our resources is permanently maintained on research & development work – those activities being a critical part of one of Tokidev’s objectives: creating new and innovative products.

Our R&D activites aim – amongst other things – to improve our products or to create new products completely. Our R&D work covers various research domains.

Image processing

We work on image recognition algorithms, OCR, 3D object recognition, pattern recognition, stitching, etc. our work includes simple innovation (improvement and integration of existing algorithms) as well as more fundamental research (innovative algorithms created in-house, optimization for mobile environments). This work has already seen applications in our Snap’n See product, in the development of the Top Reader application, as well as in various in-progress projects.

Augmented reality

This axis of research is partly related to our image processing work – identifying image triggers in real-time in order to display AR content on top of them, and also includes experiments on 3D optimization for mobile devices. This R&D work is used in various real-life projects on tourism, culture, and education.


We aim to find new, complex uses for the RFID/NFC technologies that go beyond their simple use for payment or similar well-known applications. We notably explore the possibilities offered by including NFC tech in standalone devices to complete the NFC-capable smartphones.

Social networks & productivity

This R&D work is divided into two main parts – one aiming to imagine new ways to improve productivity based on solutions helping with users communication and automatisation of repetitive tasks; the other covering the possibilities offered by modern web technologies for improved communication and collaborative work based only on the browser (without relying on plugins, etc.): 3D environments, HTML5 micro & camera access, etc… part of this work has seen applications in our collaborative creation platform.

Distributed computing

A minor part of our R&D work but critical for some Tokidev products (like our Snap’n See solution) which require full scalability and need to be able to handle high loads. We work on conceiving and creating in-house, custom components for load-balancing and specialized distributed computing, as well as on the integration of modern big data solutions like Apache Hadoop.