Software development

Our services


Web development

HTML5/CSS/Javascript, responsive design, numerous languages and server-side frameworks (from modern Java and python frameworks to PHP). We use the latest evolutions in web technologies to provide reliable and efficient web solutions, compatible with all web browsers.

Mobile development

We have a strong expertise in developing for all majors mobile platforms (Android, IOS, WP8, Blackberry 10), as well as NFC development and more generally various emergent mobile-related technologies.

Software development

We also benefit from a large skillset in "traditional" desktop software development, including portability of the software (for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and *BSD OSes).


Our expertise


Software architecture

We have a large experience in designing complex, scalable, high-availabily software, capable of handling very large loads. We also have experience in related technologies (clustering, etc.) and in deploying and supporting such software in critical environments.

Open Source

We use Open Source solutions and software daily. Very often, the use of Open Source components can strongly help in reducing the workload for the realisation of a project. We have a strong experience in this domain, both on the technical aspects and on the legal ones (licenses, obligations…).


All our projects go through not only an extensive quality control all along their development as well as before their deployment, but also through extensive security audits. Our skillset in this domain also cover pentesting, security implementation, PKI infrastructures, etc.